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From the beginning, BIC has always made its products with “just what’s necessary,” leaving out anything superfluous.
Our priorities: save materials, innovate, and seize opportunities offered by the circular economy (aimed at reducing waste), while continuing to offer affordable, readily available, and modern products.

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BIC offers simple, functional products that are designed with no unnecessary parts or features, using a minimum of raw materials.

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BIC products are often labeled as “disposable.” Although not all of them are refillable, neither are they used just once. On the contrary, most of them offer long-lasting performance

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BIC distributes products in more than 160 countries.  Making products that everyone can afford means adapting them to the market characteristics and buying power of developing countries. 

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    Only .20 ounces of materials are used in nearly 1.25 miles of writing for a BIC® Cristal® compared with .45 ounces for a competing, comparable product. 

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    More Flicks

    Up to 3,000 lights for BIC® full-size pocket lighter, up to 2x more than its competitors

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    Long lasting

    Each package of BIC® FLEX5 HYBRID™ and BIC® Simply Soleil Click™ razors feature refillable blades in-pack for the shaver’s handle for long-lasting use.

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    Alternative materials

    By the end of 2016, 83 alternative materials have been tested for our products, including recycled plastics, hybrid materials and materials derived from renewable resources.

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    Diversified and responsible distribution

    To make products available to consumers wherever they live, BIC works with local retailers to develop appropriate distribution channels: kiosks, micro-shops, service outlets…

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    BIC® Ecolutions®

    The BIC® Ecolutions® range features products made from recycled materials.

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