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BIC Is Putting "Play Safe! Be Safe!" on Pause

"Play Safe! Be Safe!" logo

In 1994, BIC Corporation, in cooperation with Fireproof Children, founded our award-winning fire safety program, “play safe! be safe!” in order to help educators and parents teach fire safety skills to young children. Since then, we have distributed more than 120,000 safety kits and presented more than 200 workshops across North America.


After 25 successful years of partnership, BIC has decided to put a pause on the play safe! be safe! program in order to evaluate and evolve its fire safety programming for the future. As a result, all workshops and kit distribution will be on hold until further notice.


We’re grateful for the long-time support the program has received from students, educators, parents and the fire safety community and will be in touch with any updates as they become available.


Thank you!